Thursday, April 1, 2010

When should you cut the cake?

Brides frequently ask us when to cut their cake. In reviewing 200 Hermann Hill weddings, about 90% cut the cake following the toasts, invocation, and meal, but before the first dance of the evening. The most common reason for this is that it provides one of the first photo opportunities following dinner and allows the staff to begin plating and serving the cake to your guests once the dinner dishes are cleared. Also, when the wedding cake is served immediately following your dinner, your guests will still be seated and able to enjoy it as their dessert which results in your cake being eaten with little leftovers. Of the remaining 10%, about half cut the cake right after the toast and the rest cut the cake while their guests are going through the buffet line. There is no right answer for every bride. This issue is one of the many vision details that you and your wedding coordinator will discuss and finally work into your time line, based on your desired expectation.

Glenda Kraettli, Wedding Coordinator
Hermann Hill Missouri Weddings


  1. I agree with the early cutting! I help run a wedding event venue in Birmingham AL and we encourage the cutting early. The biggest problem with cutting it late is that the older people tend to leave early and they miss the cake cutting and the dessert. SO... cut it early, you spent a fortune on it, enjoy it!

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